Red Mulga
CAREERS Red Mulga aims to provide a clear direction to ensure Aboriginal workers have an opportunity to gain the skills and opportunities needed for long term employment within the Mining Industry. Mentoring, training and skilling are provided to personnel to ensure they meet the needs of our clients. We aim to offer our clients the specialised skills and knowledge required for all operations within the Mining Industry. If you think you would be a potential candidate for future position please contact us at the link below (please Include resume) Other wise please see our current vacancies below: Feature Currently Unavailable. CONTACT US HERE




" I enjoy working for Red Mulga because I was given the opportunity to work within the Mining Industry... I also think Red Mulga offers Aboriginal people the opportunity to gain work and to also accomplish their dreams like I did." DAMIEN STAPLETON 2012
Contact Us Ph 08 8671 0080 Fax 08 8671 0107 6 Frome Street, Roxby Downs SA 5725  Our Strength, is in our people


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